Bella Barre
dance/barre pilates yoga

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Why Bella Barre?

My beautiful Grandmother who passed away around 12 years ago now, used to call me Hannah-Bella

 ( beautiful in Italian) For over 25 years I was known as Hannah-Bella to all..even my parents.

I don’t really know how, but over the years I reverted back to introducing myself as Hannah and lost the Bella.

 Maybe because I never got around to changing it legally and it just became a little complicated.

So now I’m bringing the Bella back in the form of my business name.

The name feels perfect not only for the story behind the name but also for what it represents to the ladies who attend my classes.

Bella Barre embraces all body types and fitness levels

Because you are all beautiful and deserve to feel it every time you come to my class!

Bella Barre (Beautiful Barre) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️