Bella Barre
dance/barre pilates yoga

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Customer Testimonials

What a fantastic class! Literally worked my body head to toe and I felt so pumped afterwards. Highly recommend to women of all ages and fitness levels. Hannah was lovely and easy to follow. Love that you’re in Mapleton! I will be back

Sheree - Mapleton

I came to this class thinking i wouldn’t be able to do it and wouldn’t like it at all. How wrong I was. It is a great way to work the whole body ( I feel it during and after!!) The combination of yoga, Pilates and “dance” is so much fun the hour is over before you know it!! Really doesn’t seem like a workout.
Hannah is an excellent instructor and I love her nice calm, encouraging way (I’m a bit of a whinger) The pace is great for me and I love her options of easiest to hardest.
I highly recommend you come and give it a go. 

Tracey - Highworth

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

Beautiful fusion of barre, yoga & pilates for strength and toning fitness. Hannah is an incredibly passionate and amazing instructor who provides a lovely experience to her classes. An overall mind body experience that fits perfectly for all levels of fitness. Thank you for a beautiful morning class today! If you want a lovely workout check out these classes                          
  Loraine -  Highworth
An amazing fun whole body workout.. Hannah is a wonderful instructor that makes every class you go to different so you never get bored..
Jane -  Mapleton

 What an awesome class and instructor! Thanks Hannah, for introducing me to the Barre  your natural style and the energetic flow made the time fly by whilst at the same time knowing I'd worked hard and that there'll be results! 

Colleen -  Highworth

Amazing class. Perfect combination of yoga, Pilates and ballet. Loved it!

Bec - Mapleton

Bootybarre is great fun and so good for your body....Thanks again Hannah..

Jeanette - Mapleton

So much fun and a really good work out! Looking forward to getting back into it soon with you Hannah!!
Chrystal  - Mapleton
Loved my first class , felt my hard work a few days later ! Def will be back next week
Karen  - Flaxton